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Sport Fishing Charter in Oahu, HI

Hawaii sport fishing boat have the privilege of trolling one of the world’s most prolific big game fisheries for giant Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo. Hunting big fish requires heavy duty tackle like the custom Penn VSX 130 reels Holopono is outfitted with. If you’ve always been curious about Oahu fishing trips and wanted to experience the pull of a big Pacific Blue Marlin, contact us and we will make every effort to see that you get a chance to check that “punch list” item off your “bucket list”!

The difference between landing or losing the fish of your life, is often measured by the time and effort that went in to the little details that other boat captains just don’t have the time to attend to. We are perfectionists and it is evident in every aspect of the way we maintain our boat and conduct our business. In Hawaiian, Holopono means “Successful Mission”, so whether you are a big game offshore fishing veteran or a novice seeking the experience of catching the fish of your life, we will provide a safe and comfortable day of fishing aboard a great boat! Captain Mike McCulloch (808) 330-9890 – cabokane@gmail.com

Holopono Sport Fishing Charter Tips

Fishing Half-Day Charters

This is one of the biggest decision-making errors, and it happens all over the world: choosing to fish a half day instead of a full day or better yet, multiple days. There are only a few places where you could even hope to see a billfish in a half day, and even in the hottest of hot marlin fishing grounds, you’d have to be incredibly lucky to have any success in such a short amount of time. Take it with a big grain of salt when you hear someone say, “We caught two blues and were back in time for lunch.” Possible? Maybe. Likely? No.

Picking the Cheapest Boat

Of course, we all want a good deal on everything we buy, but selecting a charter based solely on price is almost always a bad idea. A low price could mean several things: The boat’s much older or smaller than the others, which means you’ll be more uncomfortable in rough weather; the tackle isn’t properly maintained; the captain and crew are working for less money; or a host of other things, and few of them good.“The old saying ‘You get what you pay for’ holds especially true when chartering. The cheapest price doesn’t always come with the best value. You may think you’ve gotten a great deal, and then just end up going for an expensive cruise, with the crew not making any real attempt to catch fish.” Capt. Mike says that his boat is not the cheapest, but he always goes the extra mile for his clients, providing properly maintained tackle, fresh line on the reels, and a first-rate crew that wants to outfish everyone else on the dock every day.

Failing to Prepare for a Day Offshore

This one can really kill a good day offshore. A perfect example is seasickness. You may be fishing with people who swear they’ve never been seasick a day in their lives, but then the seas kick up a little and they’re losing breakfast (and part of last night’s dinner) over the side. It’s a miserable feeling, especially when faced with the prospect of several more long hours of discomfort and no refunds for heading in early. If there’s any doubt, always use a seasick-prevention medication at least an hour before getting on the boat in the morning. Don’t forget things like a hat or visor, sunscreen, a digital camera and a good pair of polarized sunglasses. The charter does not include lunch, so be sure to pack your own, along with snacks. If you want to bring beer, remember that only cans are allowed.
Charter fishing is a great way to enjoy an offshore adventure, with a professional, highly experienced crew at your disposal. If you avoid some of these common pitfalls along the way, the experience can last a lifetime.

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

Even in the best fishing holes, the numbers change dramatically from day to day. And while everyone always hears about those banner days — much less is heard about those days when they came back empty handed. Even in places like Kona, where the fishing is relatively consistent during the high season, the fleet runs into slow days. That’s why it’s important to set realistic expectations for yourself and your charter group.This is especially true when it comes to marlin fishing. If there are four, five or six people in your charter party, then the chances are good that not everyone will get “a chance at bat.” You should determine ahead of time whose turn it will be when a strike finally does occur, so the opportunity’s not missed. Some choose to either rotate time in the chair or assign a rod rotation in order to make it fair for everyone.You may have your heart set on a marlin, but if the tuna are running, then be grateful for what the ocean gives you. Be realistic with yourself and your party ahead of time — and be open to suggestions from an experienced pro at the helm — and you can avoid a lot of disappointment at the end of the day.

Safety is Our Number One Priority!

If seamanship is the practice of safely handling a vessel at sea, then keeping that vessel in safe running order is critical to that practice. It’s crucial to make sure that every system is running correctly every time you go out. But in order to know if every system is running right, you need an owner/captain who knows his boat inside and out. He needs to recognize an anomaly that may become a bigger issue if it goes unattended.

Problems at sea are usually a culmination of a number of factors that have been ignored and contribute to the mechanical issue that left you adrift. Chances are, if the external appearance of the sport fisher you are hiring for charter is immaculate, the engine room spaces are likely the same. A day of fishing aboard a world class game fishing boat is not inexpensive. So why would you not perform a little due diligence by walking the docks to inspect the offerings you are considering for hire? If you are staying in the Ko’Olina resort you owe it to yourself to inspect the sport fishing fleet before picking up the phone.

“On any given day, you can catch the biggest fish of your life outside Ko’Olina Harbor!”

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