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A few things about us, the Holopono crew. Captain Mike McCulloch is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed 100 Ton Master. Mike and his wife, Leilani are the owners and operator of Holopono. Mike spent several years researching all of the leading production sport fishers before ordering a new CABO built to his specifications.

“The CABO just had so many details that set it apart from the other boat builders. CABO uses the best components available in the construction of their boats. And in many cases they fabricate their own parts because there is no supplier that meets their standards. A good example is the overbuilt transom door and gate hinges that they make in house.”

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During the construction of Holopono, Mike and his wife Leilani made several visits to the CABO factory to observe the process. These visits proved invaluable by providing on site instruction to the future owners on the assembly and maintenance of key running components of the boat like the engines, shaft alignment couplings, shaft seals and shaft log boots, hynautic steering and controls systems. Mike said, “From the beginning, I had every intention of being a “hands on” owner and I wanted to know how this complex machine was put together, so that when a problem developed, I would be able to diagnose it and fix it myself. ”

Nineteen years later, Holopono still looks like the gleaming white machine that was delivered to Ko’Olina. Mike said, “I take the safety of my passengers and crew very seriously. First and foremost, I address this responsibility by maintaining my boat and all its systems in 100% running order.”

Our goal is to provide you with a safe and comfortable day of fishing aboard a great boat!

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Holopono – 2001 CABO 35 Express

Experience the thrill of offshore sport fishing. Holopono is a 2001 CABO 35 Express sportfisher and is a fish raising machine! Rupp tournament outriggers and an unlimited tournament class Release Marine chair complete the “world class” heavy tackle arsenal on our boat.

The difference between landing or losing the fish of your life, is often measured by the time and effort that went in to the little details that other boat captains just don’t have the time to attend to. We are perfectionists and it is evident in every aspect of the way we maintain our boat and conduct our business.

In Hawaiian, Holopono means “Successful Mission”, so whether you are a big game offshore fishing veteran or a novice seeking the experience of catching the fish of your life, we will provide a safe and comfortable day of fishing aboard a great boat!

Penn International 130 VSX reels

Penn International 130 VSX reels mounted on custom Melton 130lb Kona Royale IGFA Trolling Rods built with Winthrop ball bearing roller guides, WT titanium “Aussie Top” and Stuart EZ Stor-a-Butts.

Powered by twin 420 hp Caterpillar diesels, she is built for speed and comfort.

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Top of the line marine electronics.